Welcome to

ABC Wonderland 

Child Care

"The place where your child can learn while having fun."


ABC Wonderland aim is to make the transition to childcare easy for mums and dads.

We are a small nursery open since 2009, and we aim to be an extension from home, we always try to bring the best out of all children using well-known theorists such as Vygotsky and Piaget to guide our strategies and activities. 

100% Home-made  menu

Our menu is planned carefully to be healthy balanced  with in mind any children's allergies. Our Chef always chooses the fresh and local products  to cook on the daily basis.



Our Outdoor area it is full of areas for children to  explore and let their imagination run free. The outdoor area is large and ideal to promote children's physical development. 

Hands-on experience

We are a multicultural setting with a emphasis for children with EAL (English as Additional Language) our staff are multilingual themselves which makes transitions  easier for those children, we incorporate the EYFS curriculum in our teaching. 

Eco-friendly toys

Our toys are 100% child friendly, there is a massive selection for children to choose from to explore and investigate and  we create with the children toys to make them more inquisitive.


In our setting we always  promote  children's exploration and investigation by creating activities and resources with our children's interests. We base all activities on the 3 areas of the Characteristics of  Effective Learning  from EYFS.

Professional staff

Our staff are highly qualified, and we always are on top of all our training to make sure our children have the best teaching and we all have several years of experience in childcare.